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The Sisters Brothers - Patrick deWitt I am so not the target audience for this story.
I mean it’s a western.
Still the cover art kept pulling at me

It’s the 1850’s, gold rush, California
And the Sisters Brothers are two killers for hire,
on the trail; on a job.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it, from the get go.

Charlie Sisters has the lead here, but it is Eli that will take you there.
And tell you all about his horse, poor Tub, and the women he meets along the way.
How he feels; what he wants; how he sees things, love and some alarmingly, gruesome grub.
It is all about the journey.

I loved his voice; his simple, sardonic; hard, yet warm hearted slant.
Shoot Outs, Indians, Gold.
Blood and gore and greed;
Chilling, veterinarian like solutions;
No worries, they have a toothbrush.

I am still unsure how exactly; but Patrick deWitt took me on one helluva ride.