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We Need to Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver This is an uncomfortable read. It is like you are peering right into someone’s soul, maybe someone you know and maybe you don’t always like what you see. Still there are things to like here, things that every one not familiar with this tale would recognize. Good things. Sadly they are pretty much obliterated by the darker themes of this story.

It can be both uncomfortable and compelling, to think about the private thoughts of others. I think we would all be protective of many of our innermost thoughts, we all keep certain fears, pleasures, observations and feelings tucked away, not hidden exactly, just not on display. They’re ours.

Eva’s thoughts, feelings and observations are on display here, as she takes us on her own personal, parental story. And every reader listening knows that Eva’s fifteen year old son Kevin murders nine people at his high school, no spoiler here, it says so on the back of the book. So yes, it is quite a compelling story.

Still this can be a difficult and tedious experience, one that explores the nature versus nurture questions that surround all heinous crimes and their perpetrators. So we meet Kevin and say what you will about Eva and his relationship I confess that there were many times I simply wanted to slap some sense into her husband Franklin. Then again how reliable is this narrative? It is Eva’s after all.

This is an uncomfortable read, and I did not enjoy it, no not that.