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The Lifeboat - Charlotte Rogan To set the stage; it is 1914 and 39 people, including our narrator Grace, are adrift in the Atlantic, in a life boat that was not designed to hold so many. Their provisions are scant and the possibility of imminent rescue is at best uncertain; but for the reader this story actually begins some time later when Grace our narrator, is about to stand trial for her life.

In preparation for this Grace must recall as much as possible about what happened on that lifeboat and when.

What follows is a captivating, believable, harrowing tale of survival. Imagine 39 separate personalities thrown together in uncomfortably cramped quarters; quarters that brook little movement. Now colour them hungry, thirsty and terrified for their loved ones, whose fates are unknown; colour them fighting both physically and psychologically, for their very own lives.

Imagine yourself and perhaps others you may or may not know, in that boat. Stephen King says; When it comes to the past everyone writes fiction.

I could not look away. This is, gasp and breathe, superb storytelling!

I was also about to say that this is three for three, but on second thought it is actually four and I am sure there will be more. I’m talking of course about the number of excellent books that karen has led me to. So it is then, that with an outward sweep of my arms, that I do bow down and say..... thank you.