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The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey I feel like Katy Perry.

Except I read a book about alien invasion, and I. Liked. It!

Who would have thunk. What did I like?

The pace
The characters, not a one wasted; all well envisioned
Unexpected tenderness
The aliens
The matter of fact voice of the narrative
The paradigm of perception

A fellow reader took the time to let me know she was reading a Linwood Barclay novel I had reviewed. She said the word she would use to describe it was relentless. It’s a good word and I told her so. It certainly works for this review.

It’s an alien invasion! Of course it’s relentless. I am sure there is a car on this train, where people can relax and casually poke holes at this, but you will not find me there.

I am riding the wave. Woot!