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Me Before You - Jojo Moyes I personally, am happy, that I went into this story knowing little about it. I believe it to be best read that way, so I will not be spoiling it here.

The last quarter of this book I read, well beyond the time, I should have been sleeping; but even when I tore my eyes off the page I could not get my mind off the story.

And so I read; emotionally eviscerated though I was. Doyl, my Mau, noticed this and set about pawing down the book so he could lie upon it. Having failed in this fashion he then tried to wedge himself between me and said object of my attention.

Damn thing is he would not even have to be the most astute feline out there to figure this out. I was a train wreck after all with tears and nasal expectorant running down my face, while laboriously hitching down each breath. Even so, I never once felt manipulated. No.

My feelings were raw because the story was real, so I moved my, by now, vibrating Mau over, and read the words.

This is a story about life and love and you should read it!