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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Going In: okay so right away it needs to be said that some time ago I stumbled, while scrolling through my home page, across a comment made by a member, regarding a review of this work. It was within that comment, that one or two sentence structure, not hidden or disguised in any way, I mean at that point I was not even reading the review in question, that the ultimate spoiler for this story was revealed to me.

Has that affected the experience of this read? Of course, I mean……I knew, I knew… There is no unknowing. One should not be able to stumble so effortlessly across this kind of thing and so it is that I urge all of you to please be careful and considerate of other readers out there folks.

Still…………..what a great story this is.

Nick Dunne gets a call from a neighbour one day who alerts him to the fact that his front door is wide open and his cat is out and about. When Nick goes home to check things out he discovers that his wife Amy is missing and evidence of a struggle within their home.

I really do not want to say much more as this is a story easily spoiled for would be readers, however it is a creepy, psychological study, an inside look at just how little we really know about each other. Even our partners in life, may have secrets, thoughts, inner feelings of which we often remain blissfully unaware.

In Gone Girl, Amy and Nick’s relationship is dissected, their true selves revealed, an autopsy if you will, with the entrails of each laid bare on the coroner’s table and you dear reader have a ringside seat.

This is a gripping, thumb sweating, compulsive read. Even armed with my unsolicited, spoiler knowledge this story soared. Hands down one of the best thrillers I have ever read.

A small shout out to Trudi whose excellent review of this work convinced me to pick it up.