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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins
I thought that I should wait until I had completed the trilogy before I weighed in with my thoughts. The first two books in this series were positive gold for me. The whole concept of The Hunger Games was intriguing and the story moved along at a good pace with lots of adrenaline laced action scenes and a virtual plethora of diverse and intriguing characters. Even the whole love triangle rang true to the story and served to keep me invested in the main characters and the choices they made. Unfortunately, for me, at least, Mockingjay failed to live up to these standards.
I found the pace to be agonizingly slow and quite frankly there were times that I really did not care if Katniss managed to pull herself back together again or not. Indeed the whole climatic ending in the Capital and the dumping of poor Prim into the final battle was way too contrived. I was equally disappointed in the outcome of the love triangle. While this was never one of the main themes in this trilogy it still warranted further development. Instead I found the ending to be quite anti-climatic and totally unsatisfying. Then again there is very little about the conclusion of what could have been a truly great trilogy that was satisfying.