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The Hypnotist - Lars Kepler This is a very dark, horrific story that ranks high in creepiness. Seriously it left me feeling like I needed to take a shower and wash the creep away. The cover would have you beleive that it is comparable to Silence of the Lambs or Stieg Larsson's Millenium series but I have to disagree with that. Now I love a good mystery, better still if it happens to be a thriller where life and death hang in the balance as they race to find and stop the villian. The Hypnotist certainly contains all of these elements and more, so you might wonder why only 3 stars. There are a number of reasons but chief among them:

The crimes are incredibly brutal and way too graphically detailed.....so much so that I felt as though the authors were trying real hard for the shock value. Some of these vicious, brutal acts really have nothing to do with the story, which brings me to....

There are too many unexplained little events, some of which are quite gruesome, that remain completely unexplained and unresolved and left this reader wondering what they were doing in the story in the first place.

Even what starts out as being the crime of focus in this story is left unattended and for me at least, unresolved part way through the book.

I could not relate in any way to the relationship between the hypnotist and his wife.

I figured out the mystery well before I should have.

The story felt choppy and events did not flow very well, especially between the past and the present

Despite all of the above the story was a good one and at least one of the characters was wrought well enough to remember. Unfortunately this was not the character that should have tied the whole tale together.