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Night Road - Kristin Hannah I wasn’t going to write a review for this one and then I found my self here, so here goes.

It would be easy to say this is a coming of age story but it really is much, more than that. Yes we have our teenage angst but we also have their parents and all the possibilities of life and how, these things that are possible, these choices we make, how it can all affect us, each and every one.

I found the first quarter of this story to be slow and I had a difficult time relating to The Farraday's as a family, really.
Lexi, however, did have my full attention from the beginning, she felt real to me, her circumstances more than possible.
Overall though, I found the characters to be shallow, contrived somehow, and I never quite made the connection with anyone, as a reader, save Lexi.

In the end I enjoyed the read and the journey this family took, each in their own way.