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Think of a Number - John Verdon

There is a new voice in psychological thrillers and his name is John Verdon. Think of a Number is an unbelievably, excellent debut novel. This one will grab you from the get go! The suspense builds, the plot thickens, your heart races, your palms sweat, the pace accelerates and you tighten your grip to navigate the twists and turns coming at break neck speed. Good thing the pages fairly turn themselves as you will need both of your hands to hold on. This book is unputdownable! The writing is cleanly eloquent, very intelligent and no doubt, highly quotable with a full cast of beautifully crafted, well imagined and colourfully scripted characters that are both unique and memorable. Nothing disappoints, even the ending is eerily apt.
"How many bright angels
can dance on a pin?
How many hopes drown in
a bottle of gin?"
Get ready you are going to love this one!