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Trust Your Eyes - Linwood Barclay Stephen King says it best. My idea of a sweet ride is three days of rain, a fridge filled with snacks, and a new Linwood Barclay.

Right on. I picked this one up at the beginning of my last weekend. I just happened to be in my sweet spot………ready to select my next read.

King also said that it’s a tale Hitchcock would have loved and once again, he is spot on.

I have come to think of Barclay’s books as domestic thrillers. These things could happen to you or me. Today or tomorrow. This one is top notch!

It is the story of two brothers; one, Thomas, is a map- obsessed schizophrenic with a computer and a program that leads him through the streets of this world. His brother, Ray, has just returned home to deal with their father’s recent, accidental death and hopefully to bond and work with Thomas so as to forge a plan for Thomas’s future care.

But while Thomas is sitting at his computer, clicking and trolling streets in New York City, he sees an image in a window. An image that looks like a woman being murdered. And so it begins…………

Riveting, Thrilling, Suspenseful, Gripping, Accessible…….. Yes, Yes, Yes and yes. Still for me the first word that comes to mind is ENTERTAINING!


I’m getting me another Linwood Barclay.