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Frankenstein - Mary Shelley, Maurice Hindle Truth be told I have never had any real desire to read this story. I can also say without hesitation, that the same truth can be applied to any of the movies on this subject matter. My daughter has tried on different occasions to spark my interest in this written work without success.

Then I stumbled across a review here on Goodreads. One review, written by a fellow reader from Las Vegas whose name is Stephen. sorry folks if I knew how to link his review, I would have His review of this work blew me away and awakened in me an immediate and compelling need to hold this book in my hands and read the words Mary Shelley wrote. So first things first, Thank You Stephen!

The story itself is not at all what I expected and Stephen may well be right; that it is Hollywood that has so maligned this literary work, as to render it unpalatable to myself and I suspect others as well.

Above and beyond everything else it is Shelley’s writing that propelled me through this story. Her prose is powerful, beautiful and haunting. I was shocked, shocked I say to find within myself, compassion for the monster that Frankenstein brought to life. I love the way this story was nested into another tale and within that nest laid the nature and voice of the monster himself. He (Frankenstein’s creation) connected with me on very human level; I could feel his loneliness, taste his despair and longed with him for the simple comfort of a reassuring word. Never have I been so impacted by such a hideous beast.

As for Frankenstein himself, I vacillated back and forth between liking and understanding his ambitions and the drive to achieve them, to detesting his treatment of the creature of his own creation, back to empathising with his love and passion to protect his family and loved ones. In the end, I felt that it was Victor Frankenstein himself that was the true villain, the absolute monster here and not his creation.

I loved the way that Shelley brought this improbable story to its end, how she tied up all the strings of the story and still managed to leave things unresolved. Brilliant!

Finally, it was my daughter Arah-Leah that had a stunning, illustrated copy of this masterwork on her shelves and graciously agreed to loan it to me on a moments notice. Thank you!

Five Glorious Stars and the highest possible recommendation to others!