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Let me just say up front that the only thing that qualifies me to review this book is the fact that I have read it.
I found it to be a dark and depressing literary journey, that at more times than not, I was inclined to put down and not pick up again.
Certainly it is about the unrequited love between Catherine & Heathcliff, however in the process of examining their connection I came to the conclusion that no two people ever deserved each other more. Heathcliff especially is a selfish, unmannered bully who has little or no regard for himself or others, which indeed does seem to make him a perfect mate for Catherine.
The overall tone of the entire book is a dismal soul searching experience of the characters therein. As such I found that same reflecting to be highly repetitious whining and completely over the top.
None the less I persevered and near the end was rewarded with a glimpse of a love story between two far more interesting and likeable people. Mayhap that was Emily's intent.
No doubt the author successfully sets her stage lavishly and develops her characters well enough to provoke intimate knowledge, though I must say that I feel she had a severe preoccupation with death.
For shear entertainment value this book left me at a loss.