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The Accident - Linwood Barclay Glenn Garber is beside himself. His wife Sheila, mother of his eight year old daughter Kelly, is dead, the result of a horrific car accident. Worse still the officer at the scene believes that Sheila is responsible for the accident that claimed the lives of two others. He wants Glenn to accept that his wife was driving under the influence, with an overwhelming amount of vodka in her system. This simply makes no sense. Sheila would never do something that stupid! As the coroner's report confirms the officer's initial assessment of Sheila's condition Glenn's disbelief and grief morphs into rage and an all consuming anger aimed at his dead wife. How could she have done something that stupid, that thoughtless, that final? How can he possibly explain this to Kelly?

After the funeral, life resumes it's new, normal rhythms. His daughter Kelly is having trouble at school, being ostracized by her fellow students where one of the other victims of the accident was also a student. Fortunately she still has one loyal friend and Glenn has agreed to let her attend a sleepover there. His anger has subsided now and what remains is an unyielding reluctance to accept the apparent facts surrounding Sheila's death. But now Kelly is on the phone begging her father to come and get her immediately! What she tells him when he picks her up becomes the first link in a series of troubling events that propell Glenn forward into a vortex of seething corruption. Secret after dangerous secret emerges in his small, home town in Conneticut, complete with threats from neighbours and friends alike and now, well now he is being hunted by total strangers! As he digs deeper to understand and uncover the real truth Glenn must find a terrifying place within himself in order to protect his daughter and avenge his wife's death.

The Accident roars forward at a breathless, pulsating pace that brings this domestic thriller to a chilling climax you won't see coming.