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American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis My very limited research on psychopaths reveals that a potential 4% of the population has a sociopathic personality disorder. (source: Harvard psychologist Martha Stout Ph.D.)

In other words, one out of every twenty-five people is a psychopath----a person with no sense of concern for the well- being of others and no feelings of remorse, regardless of what sort of harmful or immoral action they undertake.

A psychopath is able to lie, cheat, steal and kill with no feelings of sorrow or regret. Sometimes their only motive is the thrill of inflicting pain. This gives the psychopath a competitive advantage over a normal person.

American Psycho is a guided tour of this unspoken, atrocious carnage that lay way beyond the pale. It is a visceral, evil journey to the darkest, dankest, depths of depravity. This is not casual reading. It contains some of the foulest scenes that I have ever encountered. Scenes that still days later I am not able to erase entirely from my minds eye.

None the less I believe this to be an important piece of work.

Some where deep in each of us lay that primal fear, in whatever form it may choose to take. It’s healthy, it adapts, Hello Fear!

We need to throw open the shutters, hang out this thing that is so pervasive in our society.

Bret Easton Ellis’s, American Psycho shines the light on this monster and invites debate.