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A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin WOW! What to say, this really is just a great story, one that you can sink right into. As the cover suggests it grabs hold and does not let go!

Almost from the beginning I became invested in this grand masterpiece of modern fantasy and in all the many people that populate it's pages. Early on... this feeling came over me, that I was about to be swept away into a long, magical and wondrous adventure that would take me deep into the histories of these people, exploring their lands; their pain and pride and love riding rough shod over my own emotions.

These characters are so well written and their peronalities so deftly revealed through their unique perspectives that it is easy to forget that I have come to know them only through the hand of the author himself. The writing is absolutely brilliant, so much so, that it is almost completely transparent, allowing you to feel as though you are actually there, living and feeling and feeding, vicariously through it's cast of characters. Truly all of my senses have been awakened, stimulated and satiated simultaneously, leaving me breathless, shaking and thirsting for more.

I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and run, quickly mind you, to get this book. No doubt it is destined to stand as a masterwork.