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Who would think that a story about forensic accounting could be so exciting? Welcome to the world of Ava Lee, a young Canadian-Chinese accountant extraordinaire. In pursuit of five million in misappropriated funds Ava will take you on a heart pumping, journey fom Toronto to Seattle. From Hong Kong to Bangkok the tension builds until Ava finds herself in Guyana and destined for the British Virgin Islands. As an accountant who is five foot three and 115 pounds soaking wet, Ava still lays claim to some unique gifts of strength and perseverance, chief among them the ancient study of Bak Mei, all of which she will need when she comes up against Captain Robbins, a god father like figure who seemingly controls everyone and everything in Guyana. If Ava is to complete her assignment and redirect the five million in stolen funds back to her client she will no doubt need Captain Robbins help......but can she trust him? Who says bean counters don't have fun? I for one will be waiting for the next installment of Ava Lee's adventures in unorthodox accounting.