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Red Leaves - Thomas H. Cook Okay so I found this book at the bottom of a stack of already read books at a yard sale a couple of doors down from where I live. It was clear to me from the get go that it had not been read by anyone in the family of it’s current home, it’s pristine condition leaving no doubt on that score. I quickly handed over my toonie and absconded with my find.

It is an ordinary story, about an ordinary family caught up in an extraordinary event. Very sparsely written from the POV of Eric, the father whose teenage son, babysat an eight year old girl one night; an eight year old girl who is missing the following morning.

Eric tells us then, what unfolds over the following days as the search for Amy, the missing girl continues.

I remember Stephen King talking about the nakedness of one of his Bachman stories, without even a rug on the floor, he said. Eric’s story is like that but it also makes me think of whip cream, the thick, viscous liquid you can pour into a bowl. Until you beat it and beat it until finally it becomes so thick it is standing in peaks and can no longer be poured. Ever again.

Thomas Cook says so little and I hear so much!

Gripping, powerful, provocative stuff.