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Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn Shudder!

This is one seriously disturbing, creepy, little story, cut with a gothic edge.

It is also the second Gillian Flynn I have read and it is true, I believe her books are best read blind.
This one I delved into with next to no knowledge of the story. Perfect.

With Camille Preaker, Flynn gives us an unlikely heroine and a narrator to care about. Camille told me this story, deftly uncovering the details of creep over time. This effectively left me unsure that I even wanted to know more and quite unable to stop myself from reading on. No question this is one of sickest, most disturbing Mother/Daughter relationships I have ever encountered. It puts the D in dysfunctional.

“Now it cuts like a knife
But it feels so right
Ya it cuts like a knife
But it feels so right”

Who would believe that this is a debut novel?
It blew my socks off.
Well, peeled them off actually, with short, sure strokes.

Trust me; let Flynn tell you this story.
It is best that way.