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Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics)

Jane Eyre (Penguin Classics) - Charlotte Brontë I looked, and had an acute pleasure in looking - a precious yet poingnant pleasure; pure gold, with a steely point of agony: a pleasure like what the thirst-perishing man might feel who knows the well to which he has crept is poisoned, yet stoops and drinks divine draughts nevertheless.

To read Jane Eyre is to drink from this well, to imbibe a nectar that will reawaken all your senses, to the pure delight and artistry of the written word. This work, for me, shall hold court over every love story I have ever read. To say anything seems, somehow, to demean the absolute beauty and brilliance of this work.

Suffice then to say that I feel forever changed by the experience. Am I gushing? I should be. I absolutely adored it! Have no doubt that I will drink from this well again and often.