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Birdman - Mo Hayder No matter where I lay this book, it immediately improved the visual aspects of that space. True, even when it lay half hazard amid the detritus of day to day. And it is not only the visual aspects that appeal; there is a feeling of what? present. And you’re drawn back, again, considering. This book doesn’t just reside here, it rocks, it rolls, it rules. Great and clever cover art!

Which brings us to the story and it’s a good one. Meet British, Detective Inspector Jack Caffery. He is young, driven and methodical but he is also haunted by the long ago disappearance of his brother Ewan as a child.

In the opening, the dead bodies of five women are found, dumped in a wasteland, near the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, England. They have all been horribly, brutally mutilated and carry a singular, macabre signature. Not even one of these women has been reported missing, suggesting the killer has taken some care in selecting his victims.

Hayder pulls no punches here as she takes you on a slow and sinister creep ride into the world of a sexual sadist, through the corridors of crime most foul. Warning though, this one is not for the faint of heart.

I confess I was reminded of Harris’s Hannibal Lecter as I read this, none the less it is written well enough to stand on its own. This marks the first Mo Hayder novel I have read. It will not be the last.