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The Redbreast: A Novel - Don Bartlett, Jo Nesbø According to goodreads alone, 7800 people gave this on average, 3.8 stars.

I should have liked this, but to be honest it was a struggle for me to even finish.

The story seems fractured, moving as it does, between two different time periods, the latter days of WWII and present day Oslo.

Nesbo writes with the kind of authority that assumes every reader would be familiar with the history of Norway and why Norwegians were mixed up with the Germans on the Eastern Front.

I kept looking, lo these many pages, for a character that I liked or didn’t, for that matter. I was looking for someone to connect to. I finally found one in Ellen, but sigh we see and hear way too little of her.

For me it all got confusing.

It gave me a headache.

I put it down.

And read another book (a good one)

I picked this back up.

The last 100 pages were good and I read them quite quickly.

Still too little, too late.

More bitter than sweet.