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Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt I have been having a difficult time writing this review. There I said it. Mostly, I think, because this story touched my inner bits. I did not anticipate that, nor did my soft, little underbelly. It is a sad story and I know and confess that for years and years I avoided these kinds of things, I was looking for happy, shiny thoughts, not this, so it is funny then, that it has also brought back memories of the very best chapters of my life.

I don’t even know where to begin.

This book read me.

It is strong and tender, quietly whispering, gently hovering; it tells you things you already knew, but needed to hear, out loud.

It is a book of sorrow and regret,love and hope, the real, inner voice stuff.

This book is beautiful but, more than that, well beyond that……… it is also surprisingly joyful and deeply evocative. I was left gasping and glowing in it's aftermath.

It is not my book, at all really, but my daughter’s and she will likely think I read it in the rain or snow, but those are just my tears. Prolific tears, who knew.

I first heard about this from karen, whose review convinced me to read it, thank you! I shall, however always associate this incredible work with my daughter Arah-Leah, whose very book, I hold within my hands and who lives within the very best chapters of my life.