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A Storm of Swords  - George R.R. Martin I am still only three books into this series and am completely swept away by this author’s awesome world, so deliriously happy that I decided to enter into this fantastic adventure, this Game of Thrones: these Songs of Ice & Fire.

I just cannot get it all out of my head. The castles and characters, their histories and hopes all caught up in this epic world of Martin’s. Characters that I know and care about, people I have travelled with, listened to, for so many hours now and then……..Oh my God, Shut the Front Door. This is balls out, gut wrenching, dark and desperately,dazzling story telling brilliance!

You could not drag me, kicking, screaming or it would seem silent from Westeros now. I am here and let there be no doubt, it is well worth the price of admission folks.

Shhh, an incredible master, at the height of his artistic power is telling me a story, and.....

I am so listening.