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The Green Mile, Part 1: The Two Dead Girls - Stephen King It was 1996 when I came across this, a happy accident, at my local 7-11, near the bat tree.

It is 1932 when we first meet Paul Edgecombe, head screw, and our narrator and walk The Green Mile at Cold Mountain, where men are sent to pay their final due to Old Sparky, the electric chair.

It is the year that John Coffey came to Cold Mountain, convicted of brutally raping and killing two, near nine year old twin girls, an enormous man, a mountain in his own right, with wet, dark eyes and a humble, gentle nature.

King’s characterization skills shine here.

Percy Wetmore announces his arrival. “ Dead Man Walking” while his own, inner being fairly oozes off the page.

I loved the narrator’s voice, and I thought a good deal about what it would be like to have such a job as that.

And what to hell is up with that mouse?

King had me; the purchase of the second book in this series was no accident.