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Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

There is just something about Stephen King’s writing that is like the feeling I get after having been out there, working in the real world, after a hard day, fighting deadlines and traffic, often snow, lots of that,  then finally coming home.  I get all toasty, feet warm, comfortable, with his voice in my head. 

I soon settled in and listened as he told me the story of Doctor Sleep.

Having read The Shining for the first time just last year, it was still fresh in my mind, so where King took Danny Torrance here, made sense to me, felt right.  But King is not a man of few words and so there are others here; the good and the bad, with histories of their own to share.   It is a good story.

I know that there are many who bemoan King’s loquaciousness but I love it.  Cliché, perhaps, but this mans spin a good yarn.

I was hooked from the get go.  I am not going to tell you this story, King should.  

Listen Up!